We will celebrate the Finnish Game Awards on May 4th, 2023 at DGC!

We will celebrate the Finnish Game Awards on May 4th, 2023! (#FGA23)

Join wth us to view the Finnish Game Awards, Feel Free to join and take your friend too!
The event will be streamed and showed via Peliosuuskunta Expa – IGDA Finland Jyväskylä Hub at on Digi & Game Center stage, Join with us and have your own drinks and snacks (in finnish “nyyttärit”) and mingle with us.

Doors open at 18.15 and 18:45 Stream opens

Check out the nominees for this year’s Finnish Game Awards?
Check them out here: https://neogames.fi/fga23nominees/

The stream is here:




The Finnish Game Awards 2023 schedule:

18:45 Stream opens
Welcome to the FGA2023 gala studio hosted by Teemu Hiilinen

19:00 Welcome address Representatives of the Finnish Game Developer Studios Association, Neogames Finland Association and our main sponsor Metacore.

Guest speaker, Mika Tammenkoski, CEO of Metacore

Finnish Game Jam, Jampion of the Year 2022
IGDA Finland Volunteer of the Year 2022
Rookie of the Year 2022
Power Player of the Year 2022

Best Creative Achievement of the Year 2022
Small Screen Game of the Year 2022
Big Screen Game of the Year 2022

Game Music Collective performs

Presenting the Main Award
Finnish Game of the Year 2022

22:00 Gala ends
Afterparty at the same premises. DJ starts. (at Digi & Game Center free mingling)


Let’s celebrate together the Finnish Game Industry!

Why to join as Partner with Digi & Game Center?

Partnership awaits You!

Digi & Game Center is a wide wave of companies, educational institutions, startups, entrepreneurs, students, projects around digital business and digital services and game industry. The ecosystem consists of various players partnering up in the network.

Check out the ingrediens of the Digi & Game Center Co-Development Ecosystem


The Digi & Game Center Operator: Peliosuuskunta Expa – IGDA Jyväskylä

Peliosuuskunta Expa – Jyväskylä Game Industry Hub is a co-operative game company that’s established an open community for everyone interested in game industry, game business and game development. Our goal is to advance the game industry in Jyväskylä and Central Finland. Providing a network for the active game developer scene, connecting individual game developers and game companies, as well as bring together game industry workers, talents, students, researchers, lecturers, entrepreneurs..

Cooperaton with Educational institutions like JAMK University of Applied Sciences & University of Jyväskylä and many more

JAMK & Ticorporate


TPL is a business simulation course part of business information technologies but its open for everyone to apply through JAMK UAS open studies. Purpose of this course is to develop concept ideas to successful games or software products. You may come with your concept and group or alone without any well defined idea. Everyone is welcome to apply!


Ever growing Partners network and community

With You and and the other partners like Business Jyväskylä, Fingersoft, AWS Game Tech, DeskMe, Universities etc just to name a few. We can make difference and impact that shows the power of the community.

Everyone is welcome to apply!

Join With us!


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Digi & Game Center at our website:


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Co working with amazing people and network!




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a person with dgc hoodie
a person with dgc hoodie

Brand Marketing Digi & Game Center

Where does the brand start?

Brand development is long-term work and starting is usually the most challenging part of it. It is important to do the groundwork properly. We must first define the goals of what we are going to do, and to whom and why? However, the final image is determined by different stakeholders and target audiences.

From the beginning, representatives of various parties: from the companies, employees, students, and persons responsible for the city of Jyväskylä own development interests have been committed to building the Digi & Game Center brand. This has been a sensible choice because in the end, the brand is built on the images we create together. We started thinking together: How we want to look, and sound like on the outside? What things do we want to represent and what kind of activities do we want to involve?


We organized two workshops and a shared survey for all the representatives of the various parties involved in the Digi & Game Center. They were able to freely participate in the workshops as well as give opinions regarding the brand and communications of the future about Digi & Game Center. From the results of the workshops we could see that people wanted to make the Center warm and receptive to anyone interested in the digital and gaming industry, regardless of age, gender, or background. The Center also wanted to be portrayed as a place where people would first seek help in the digital or gaming industry, whether they were interested in studying those subjects or in the hopes of getting to work in those fields. Information aimed at financiers and potential investors was always also seen as an important part of keeping investor interest as high as possible.

From the very beginning, the value base of the brand building was the emphasis on the community and the appreciation of working together and different ways of cooperation. There is more power in the community than there would be in people individually.

Why we are building the brand?

Underlying the brand building is the goal of increasing sales. In the case of Digi & Game Center this means that the Center’s own offices are would be as full of tenants as possible, there would be a large number of participants in the events, young people are queuing to get in to study and the city of Jyväskylä thinks the Center is a useful community for the development of the city. A strong brand base supports sales and engages customers. There are numerous examples of this from Apple to Merzedes-Benz.

To whom do we want to send a message and what?

The main target groups for brand communications are the gaming industry, the digital industry, educational institutions, investors/financiers/partners, and the potential buyers of inhouse business services. Topics raised in the communication include the Centre’s CO-Working facilities, several events held in different locations inside and outside the Center, the possibility of cooperation networks, start-up services, training opportunities for the industry, industry development in general and of course, the services of the Centre’s own resident companies, as well as investment opportunities in these companies. The City of Jyväskylä’s positive attitude towards new business and the development of the digital and gaming industry as a growing employer of the future has also been emphasized in communications. The main goal of brand communication has been for Digi & Game Center to be the first thing that comes to mind when people think about the digital gaming industry in general and it would be the first place they seek help or information related to these topics.

It would also be important for the brand to be able to stand out from other business communities in Jyväskylä and other Finnish digital and gaming communities. For this reason, the activities have been taken forward together with various stakeholders because in this case, it is the community that creates the foundation for the brand.


Residents are the most important resource for the brand and communications

The biggest asset of the brand and communications is its representatives, i.e. the residents of Digi & Game Center. How they talk about daily life in the Digi & Game Center, at events and outside of the house.  As well as, of course, in general of everything they think the Center represents. A relaxed and communal atmosphere combined with professional people that work both for the company they represent and for the common good of entire Digi & Game Center. Now we are striving the companies, employees, and students working in the Digi & Game Center to spread the good news about this wonderful place, which has been created for the need. Marketing tricks will not work unless the community will stand behind the values of the Center. At the same time as the brand is being built, seamless customer experiences are also being built.

Brand creation and the future

The creation of the brand has only just begun, and its first features have only been seen on a smaller scale. Over time we can see how well the initially set goals and the models created are realized and how people themselves internalize the starting points of Digi & Game Center’s brand communication in their daily work and their communication. The goal for the future is for the Center to be known throughout Finland as an active player in the digital and gaming industry within three years. The five-year goal is for the Digi & Game Center to be recognized internationally and for the people to apply for jobs and study abroad.

The work is taken forward together, keeping the focus on the themes defined at the beginning. The groundwork has been done and now the strengthening of the brand image will continue.

Why support Digi & Game Center?

Support us here (in Finnish): bit.ly/Save-DGC-Korona-Aid-Fin
Support us here (in English): bit.ly/Save-DGC-Korona-Aid-Eng

The Digi & Game Center (DGC) did what many in the digital and gaming industries are dreaming about. It brought together digital and gaming companies, part of game development education, the eSports training space called Game Pit, and the VR / AR / XR studio under one roof. DGC also provided office space for 16 companies at an affordable rent, which includes e.g., free use of meeting rooms. Also, Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences (JAMK) has leased the other half of the office space for a game development project called Demo Lab.

Check out what it looks like inside DGC in 360 view here!

There is no similar ecosystem in Finland, where the aim is to increase the turnover of all companies through cooperation. In addition to this, DGC brings visibility to gaming and digital companies both in Central Finland, nationally, and internationally. This may sound pompous, but this community has been in development for seven years, so we are to be proud of it. One of the long-term goals of the gaming cooperative Expa was to build just such a community and premises. This goal was officially achieved with the opening of the DGC on 1.1.2020. The DGC was announced last July during the Business Rally Week organized by the City of Jyväskylä during Neste Rally Finland. Within a week, 80% of the offices had been booked, and by the end of the year, 100% had been reached.

Now the coronavirus has had a significant impact on Digi & Game Center’s revenue streams. To cover DGC’s expenses, various partner packages are sold, and premises are leased to companies, communities, and multiple events. Needless to say, at the moment, all of the above sales are on ice. For this reason, the crowdfunding campaign has been organized for the DGC, which is one way to fund the DGC’s journey that has just begun.

The main entrance to Digi & Game Center

Where does the money from the Mesenaatti campaign go?

An excellent question with a simple answer: the money is used to cover the rental costs incurred by the DGC for the Game Business Co-operative Expa and other expenses such as accounting and salaries. Expa operates the DGC and is responsible for rents for the center’s shared facilities, which will accrue around € 15,000 over three months.

One of DGC’s companies, W1llou Agency, has also been employed in the campaign, and product rewards will be made in Finland. At the same time, we support Finnish companies as well as the buyers of the campaign.

Few of our amazing rewards!

For example, to achieve our minimum goal – € 15,000 – we need

300 buyers of Collect All! product package
120 #XmasJKL ticket buyers
10 buyers of the DGC Loves U visibility package
2 namings of the Stage reward buyers + 2 namings of the meeting rooms

After deducting the taxes and other expenses such as ordering the product rewards, DGC will have € 9,000 left. With this, we can cover about two months of rent.

For example, to achieve our maximum goal – € 50,000 – we need

1000 Collect All! buyers of the product package
34 buyers of the DGC Loves U visibility package
20 buyers of the Gamification and Game Industry lecture
10 buyers of the Collision of Worlds workshop

After deducting the taxes and other expenses such as ordering the product rewards, DGC will have approximately € 25,000 left. With this, we can cover about five months of rent, which already helps a lot.

So we are not talking about a large number of buyers, so the goals are very achievable! There are 25 days left in the campaign. It is shown that there is strength in cooperation, and the Digi & Game Center will be maintained here in Jyväskylä.

Support us here (in Finnish): bit.ly/Save-DGC-Korona-Aid-Fin
Support us here (in English): bit.ly/Save-DGC-Korona-Aid-Eng