Companies in Digi & Game Center

Family creatives Logo

Family Creatives

Family Creatives is an advertising agency that embraces family values in its work and responds flexibly to client needs. We are committed to lifelong learning and strive to continue growing and evolving as professionals. We are also visionaries with eyes fixed into the future, boldly trying out new stuff unafraid to exploit an extensive palette of colours.

Our services include: graphic design, illustrations and 2D animations for marketing and communication purposes. See our references from the web site: familycreatives.fi.



HexGen Interactive

HexGen Interactive is the next generation of STEAM learning, utilising a hybrid education-culture -gaming approach, we solve the problems of budgets and uptake of interest in the essential areas of robotics, coding and engineering. 
Learn the skills, have fun doing it.




 Jyvässeudun 4H-yhdistys

Jyvässeudun 4H offers children and young people high-quality 4H clubs, youth club activities, group activities, camps, working life courses and employment opportunities in Jyvässeud. We employ more than 100 young people every year through the employment service, 4H entrepreneurship and summer employment. Our association is also an active project participant. With the help of projects, we develop our association’s activities and implement youth exchanges.





Kokemuksia.fi is a Finnish company that specializes in producing Customer Stories and employee stories. The company has been operating in the field since 2016 and has quickly become one of the leading operators in Finland.

Having produced thousands of customer reference videos over the years, we claim to be the best at knowing what a successful, relatable story should be. The main thing in the contents is authenticity, which arouses interest and helps to stand out from advertising speeches.

The stories we produce are always based on voluntariness and the customer’s genuine desire to recommend your company to others. The stories are not scripted in advance as far as the speech content is concerned, but the customer gets to tell his experience in his own words. The finished material is always approved by the client before publication.



Microdose Oy

Mobile Games.

Noveltive Logo

Noveltive Oy

We are a novel and creative communications company. We also visualize everything that our customers need to communicate. websites, videos, stills, livestream.



Psyon Games Logo

Psyon Games Oy

Psyon Games fuses science and games to change the world for the better. Currently our recipe for meaningful entertainment is bringing a revolution to digital healthcare and awareness services.




braveson logo

Braveson Oy

At Braveson, we specialize in information security testing and consulting well. services from penetration testing to software security audits. We can also produce objective information security audits and testing for all kinds of software and systems.



Expa logo

Peliosuuskunta Expa

Peliosuuskunta Expa – Jyväskylä Game Industry Hub is a co-operative game company that’s established an open community for everyone interested in game industry, game business and game development. Our goal is to advance the game industry in Jyväskylä and Central Finland. Providing a network for the active game developer scene, connecting individual game developers and game companies, as well as bring together game industry workers, talents, students, researchers, lecturers, entrepreneurs…


Follow Peliosuuskunta Expa on social media via linktree all in one place: https://linktr.ee/peliosuuskuntaexpa


Peliosuuskunta is the operator of Digi & Game Center – The multiple times Awarded Co-Development Ecosystem in the Heart of Finland in Tourula, Jyväskylä.  See more https://www.digigamecenter.org



Jamk University of Applied Sciences

Jamk is a creative reinvented institute of higher education. We develop and strengthen learning, competence, and competitiveness together with partners and cooperation networks – both in Finland and around the world. We have over 8 500 students and 900 employees.

Via Digi & Game Center doing Game Production, Business Information Technology, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Jamk’s Business Information Technology (BIT) is one of the few bachelor’s level programmes among Universities of Applied Sciences dedicated solely to video game development and production.


Wanda Orly Logo

Wanda O Rly
I’m a multidisciplinary creative talent, with a teacher’s qualification and a background in science.
I have years of experience of team leadership and project management in the Finnish startup scene and I’m also a passionate performer with a unique presence.
In short, I’m selling my know-how and catering it in dashing ways!

I offer lectures and workshops on

  • communication
  • fact checking
  • ecology
  • team building
  • equality.

I offer image and video services for your marketing and communication needs, such as

  • all-inclusive productions
  • performance for hire.
You can also book me as a public speaker or a host for your events!
Do you have something else in mind? Feel free to suggest a project!
Visit my website to learn more!


WeSolve Logo

WeSolve Oy

WeSolve solves all ATK related issues. Our main expertise is in consulting how to connect emerging technologies to your business and international project management. We do also lot of Augmented Reality projects and 360 photography – f.ex the 3d model of Digi & Game Center is done by WeSolve.


XR Nation Logo

XR Nation

XR Nation has a community of AR, MR, VR, and 360 content creators and related services, and we’re ready to assist companies to find the right vendors and help manage their projects.
​Our main focus is our community members for whom we are creating an internal market where high-quality products and services can flow faster, cheaper, and easier.