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Host your events at Digi & Game Center Stage!

Digi & Game Center Stage is a spot of various open events, seminars and hangouts with startups, students, educational events and new co-business opportunities! Welcome to the open ecosystem of digital business wave!

The Stage system is very flexible and can be suited for the needs of your event. Below is a short list of the equipment


  • Video projector
  • PA Speakers
  • PC for Streaming
  • Adjustable Spot lights
  • Seating for over 30 guest
  • Free Guest Wi-Fi Connection
  • Adjustable RGB Lights

The Digi & Game Center stage has a good presentation facilities and sound system also it has a space for total of 80 guests. Stage also includes a kitchen area which is free to use while holding events at the stage. Behind the stage seating there is a lounge area where you can hangout with others or enjoy a game of table soccer. You can reserve the Stage by clicking the “Reserve Stage” button below under the Calendar!


Remember to ask for more information, you can find contact information from the contact page.

Also remember to check out the upcoming events below!

 Upcoming Events:


 Past Events:


Peliosuuskunta Expan – IGDA Finland Jyväskylä Hub Hybrid Meetup

Guest: Martine Spaans from FGL
Topic: From F2P to P2E (online)
Interviewer: Wanda O Rly (Valtteri Lahti, chairman of Expa)

Date: Mon 3.10.2022
Time: 18:00
Where: LIVE @ Digi & Game Center, Matarankatu 2 – STREAM on Expa’s Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/expajkl


Be there – Socialize – Get Expa!


Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/1KgCWRvPJ

Peliosuuskunta Expa / IGDA Jyväskylä Hub Hybrid Meetup

Guest: Mohammad Amini, Fingersoft– https://fingersoft.com
Topic: Lessons Learned During 10 Years of Hill Climb Racing
Time: 18:00

Interviewer: Wanda O Rly (Valtteri Lahti, chairman of EXPA JKL)
Date: Thu 28.4.2022