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Peliosuuskunta Expa Intern Introduction
Expa Board Games is finally happening - Join us!
23rd of April 2024 - Bit1 - PreBit at Jyväskylä coming with via Meetup, join now!
Expression of interest in Finland's first Unreal Authorized Training Center (preliminary inquiry)
DGC Recruitment / internship event 14.3.2024 | Jamk University of Applied Sciences | Edition
2023-2024 Game Industry Alumni Search Survey for Jyväskylä, Central Finland
Peliosuuskunta Expa tarjoaa Digiosaamisen valmennuksia työnhakijoille - valitse omasi!
#XmasJKL 2023 - The Finnish Game Industry Seminar Fri 10th of Nov, at Ilokivi, Jyväskylä, Finland - EARLYBIRD IS ACTIVATED - GET YOUR TICKETS NOW WITH - 20% OFF
Jyväskylän ammattikorkeakoulun ja Peliosuuskunta Expan pitkäjänteinen yhteistyö on virallistettu kumppanuudella
Miksi sinunkin kannattaa vuokrata toimistotila Digi & Game Centeriltä?
Peliosuuskunta Expan hallitushaku - Join to the Peliosuuskunta Expa's new board and make a impact to the Game Industry Scene in Central Finland!
Yritysesittely: Empires Not Vampires Entertainment
Yritysesittely: Spatial8 / WeSolve Oy
The Central Finland Games & industry report and index 2022 - by Expa Game Business Cooperative
Yritysesittely: Family Creatives
Game Audio Awards 2023
Making games is all about community
A Thrilling Partnership Announcement: Digi & Game Center and YAHAHA Studios
Exciting Partnership Announcement: Digi & Game Center and K-S Konttoripiste Oy
Welcome to learn about Digi & Game Center's activities! 💜
The work to produce a Jyväskylä region game industry report has been started!
Cool Partnership Announcement: Digi & Game Center and Seltimil Oy
The Peliosuuskunta Expa and Digi & Game Center are now also members of the National Digital Support Network.
OP Central Finland The Let's Do Good Together donations gives help and opportunities for many - Digi & Game Center was selected to receive a significant donation
The Digitalisation Act of the year 2020 -award goes to Digi & Game Center
Peliosuuskunta Expa hallitushaku 2021
DGC Recruitment Event | 19.5.2021
Awesome Partnership Announcement: Digi & Game Center and Amazon's AWS Game Tech
Why to join as Partner with Digi & Game Center?
Words from the Mayor of the City of Jyväskylä, Timo Koivisto - DGC, 1 year old!
Amazing Partnership Announcement: Digi & Game Center and Fingersoft
Explore DGC Van Demo in 3D
New Partnership Announcement: Digi & Game Center and DeskMe
Check and explore New 360 / 3D view from DGC and its Sauna too!
Happy New Year from DGC! - DGC picture book year 1
Virtual realities and digital words in Digi & Game Center
Welcome to Digi & Game Center - Expa - Swag Shop!
Vieraskynästä: Yhteisöllistä toimintaa digi- ja pelialan edistämiseksi
Brand Marketing Digi & Game Center
Digi & Game Center - Co-Development Ecosystem in the Heart of Finland is OPEN!
Why support Digi & Game Center?
Announcing Job Listings!
IceBreaker - Networking event for teams and startups at Digi & Game Center