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JAMK UAS will produce two kinds of development laboratories yearly in Jyväskylä digi & Game Center: in every spring 25 ECTS Ticorporate Demo Lab (later TDL) and in autumns Ticorporate Product Lab (later TPL) 10-20 ECTS. 

Ticorporate Demo Lab 25 ECTS

TDL is a mandatory core study in Business Information Technology programme. It is scheduled to the 2nd year spring right after the Software Engineering course where students will learn the fundamentals of software development. In TDL you

  • work in teams of 3-7 students, through 4 periods (concept creation, pre-production, production and post-production) 
  • must select technical or content creational role (major)
  • may select business, QA or PM roles (minor) 
  • will learn Agile Method Scrum, by heart, using it every day
  • will create a portfolio where you show what you can do

Ticorporate Product Lab 10-20 ECTS

TPL is a business simulation course part of business information technologies but its open for everyone to apply through JAMK UAS open studies.

Purpose of this course is to develop concept ideas to successful games or software products. You may come with your concept and group or alone without any well defined idea. Everyone is welcome to apply!

In TPL you will work in a project as a part of a multidisciplinary group and you will learn how to develop a product with publishing in mind. You will gain expertise on how to collect data from the market, analyze it and use it to support the development. You will also deepen your skills on the selected product development area.

As prerequisites you should possess skills in either content production (e.g. 2D/3D/SFX/UI Design) AND/OR business skills (e.g. marketing, sales, product development) AND/OR technological skills (e.g. programming, testing, infrastructure) AND project development skills. 

Every TPL student is selected/rejected based on application. TPL 2019 application period is still open.


Early days

Business information Technology (earlier Busniess Information Systems) programme has always beeing strong in project work. In 2000´s the  “Information System Project” (10 ECTS) was focused on subcontracting. We worked tightly with our customers and produced mostly web-based ICT services and products. 


The first Ticorporate took place in autumn 2013. It was still 10 ECTS project course that was re-branded due to the facilities which were not anymore regular classrooms but more co-working project spaces. Autumn 2014 we made a big change and raised the bar dramatically. Ticorporate 2 was 40 ECTS mammoth where Project Management, Software Modeling, Software Engineering and Information System Project was fully integrated into one whole academic year size project where the focus was to develop students own business ideas. And the story continues..     


Vision: Students, companies and investors together.

Mission: To create runways to teams with business seeds to commercialize products. 


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