Welcome to learn about Digi & Game Center’s activities! 💜

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Welcome to learn about Digi & Game Center’s activities! 

Welcome to learn about Digi & Game Center’s activities!  Digi & Game Center is an ecosystem for the development of the digital and game industry, around which a large group of entrepreneurs, students and other actors interested in the digital world have gathered! GamePit Matara and our stage and studio space are located within the red brick walls of DGC in Tourula, and we invite those interested in our activities to visit us every other Tuesday! During the open doors, it is possible to get to know the GamePit gaming space and our e-sports activities, marvel at the studio equipment with recording and streaming possibilities, test VR gaming equipment and get answers to mind-boggling questions from our experts.


► WHAT? Digi & Game Center open doors
► WHERE? Matarankatu 2, second floor
► WHEN? Every second Tuesday from 13:00 to 16:00 – starting from 4th of Oct 2022


How to get to the Digi & Game Center?


Hope to see you at DGC! 

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The work to produce a Jyväskylä region game industry report has been started!

Game Insustry report Central Finland

We Need Your Help. WE NEED DATA

We want Central Finland to be the powerhouse ecosystem of the games industry in Finland. No matter if it is about developing games or products, doing e-sport activities, doing research studies of it or using the game technology in other industries. The Game Industry is an international and usually scalable business and that is what this region needs to help to grow.


Now is our time to shine.


To that end, the city of Jyväskylä has asked Peliosuuskunta Expa to produce a game  industry report in the Central Finland region. The data will include how many businesses operate, their products, turnover, employment, forecasts, education, wellbeing and also how many use the services and networks of the Peliosuuskunta Expa, IGDA Finland Jyväskylä Hub and Dig & Game Center. So please be active and let others know too if they have not been in contact with us yet.


Why is there a need for a Game Industry report from Central Finland?

All the open knowledge and the data from this report will be used for the benefit of the Industry in the region. There have been smaller size surveys about this subject back in the past, but now we have a great opportunity to do this properly and what is most important is that we can do this annually.


The Chairman of Peliosuuskunta Expa, Valtteri Lahti says that “For the past 10 years Expa has been an active grassroots operation with a simple goal: getting things done to boost the local game and digi scene. We’ve helped companies get started, we’ve been involved in numerous successful projects and we’ve maintained and developed the local digi and game community continuously. We have acquired and accumulated huge amounts of information about the state of the industry, the opportunities and challenges that companies face, connections to other industries, and national and international networks. It’s magnificent to be finally able to structure all this valuable information into a single clear document that will be updated every year henceforth.”


Once complete, this report will be available for everyone who has an interest in the sector both public and private.

“The industry report gives us an overview of the development of the game industry and the opportunity to be on the pulse of one of the fastest growing and changing industries.”  Says Anne Sandelin, Director of Business Development and Employment, City of Jyväskylä


Then, together we can make a development strategy to push us all up, over and beyond! 

So we need your help to gather data and let us know about any small scale developers in the games industry that are outside our radar. No matter what size and stage of development, we are all important. 


Below is a quick and easy form to help us in this process. 


Link to the questionnaire https://forms.gle/yeq4Qbt4E3PvWUGN8

No trade secrets or sensitive data will be required. 

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Peliosuuskunta Expa at their website: https://expa.fi/

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Co working with amazing people and network!