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Welcome to learn about Digi & Game Center’s activities! 💜

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Welcome to learn about Digi & Game Center’s activities! 

Welcome to learn about Digi & Game Center’s activities!  Digi & Game Center is an ecosystem for the development of the digital and game industry, around which a large group of entrepreneurs, students and other actors interested in the digital world have gathered! GamePit Matara and our stage and studio space are located within the red brick walls of DGC in Tourula, and we invite those interested in our activities to visit us every other Tuesday! During the open doors, it is possible to get to know the GamePit gaming space and our e-sports activities, marvel at the studio equipment with recording and streaming possibilities, test VR gaming equipment and get answers to mind-boggling questions from our experts.


► WHAT? Digi & Game Center open doors
► WHERE? Matarankatu 2, second floor
► WHEN? Every second Tuesday from 13:00 to 16:00 – starting from 4th of Oct 2022


How to get to the Digi & Game Center?


Hope to see you at DGC! 

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