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Exciting Partnership Announcement: Digi & Game Center and K-S Konttoripiste Oy

Digi & Game Center is thrilled to announce a new exciting partnership with K-S Konttoripiste Oy

K-S Konttoripiste Oy is a Finnish expert company selling office equipment. The product range includes
computers and mobile devices, multifunctional devices and printing solutions, info- and interactive screens,
coffee machines and office furniture. K-S Konttoripiste also offers comprehensive ICT services for
companies and associations.

“We operate on a turnkey basis and we also take care for the maintenance of the devices we sell,” says
Account Manager Mikko Nirkkonen, K-S Konttoripiste Oy.

Digi & Game Center
offers its customers and partners a great framework and the opportunity to succeed.
At K-S Konttoripiste, we want to do our part to support, but also to develop as part of Digi & Game Center’s
network of experts.


We at Digi & Game Center got a big professional information screen with software in the shared spaces. It allows us to show relevant information with it to our visitors. Also, the companies which reside in DGC gain partner pricing from K-S Konttoripiste.

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