Amazing Partnership Announcement: Digi & Game Center and Fingersoft


Digi & Game Center is excited to announce new partnership with Fingersoft

Fingersoft is one of the most northern game studios in the world, chilling out (literally and figuratively) just 170km south of the arctic circle in Oulu, Finland. The company is best known for the mobile smash hits Hill Climb Racing and Hill Climb Racing 2, which have a combined total of over 1.5 Billion installs. 


Digi & Game Center is doing a good job in building an exciting, growing hub in the games industry in Jyväskylä, where they facilitate excellent opportunities for coworking, networking, partnerships and recruitment under one roof. This partnership is an investment in the future of the Finnish games industry, and we look forward to exploring all the possibilities together,” 

says Ville Rauma, COO at Fingersoft.


We at Digi & Game Center value this partnership very much to make even better connection between game industry professionals, students, companies, research and most of all to be in direct contact with one of the leading mobile game companies in Finland to grow new talents and success stories together.

Fingersoft logo

Learn more about Fingersoft:


Fingersoft at their website:


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Co working with amazing people and network!




Explore DGC Van Demo in 3D

This demo was done with Matterport -platform and shot with RICOH THETA Z1 -360 camera. Matterport is a platform for making immersive virtual 3D tours. It took 2-3 hours to make this demo. The service can be used for example to sell a property or to show premises in a remote meeting. The 3D tour can be embedded in a website or be shared via a link. The 3D tour can also be secured with a password.


Digi&Game center has virtual tours made with Matterport and you can find them here: https://www.digigamecenter.org/check-new-360-3d-view-from-dgc-and-its-sauna-too/



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New Partnership Announcement: Digi & Game Center and DeskMe

DeskMe Logo

Digi & Game Center is glad to announce new partnership with DeskMe

DeskMe is an IoT-enabled desk reservation system for hot-desking offices and co-working spaces. Easily find a working desk or a meeting room in your own office or in the DeskMe network!.


Any organization and person can now lower office or “home office” costs by switching to Digi & Game Center membership via premises sharing like social premises, desks, meeting rooms. phone booths, XR green screen studio etc and relying on local co-working spaces as an extension of their own office and building new network and client relationships same time when remote working or when new ideas or inspiration are needed


During this pandemic, nearly everyone has tried working from home / remote and learned about its great advantages. As a result, many organizations made a permanent work from home / remote policy, this completely changes how offices are used. A much greater flexibility is expected now.


With the DeskMe partnership we want to give a safe and flexible way of working at Digi Game Center – Join us!








DeskMe Logo

Learn more about DeskMe:


DeskMe at their website: https://www.deskme.com


DeskMe at their Facebook page: https://fb.com/deskme



Learn more about Digi & Game Center membership:



DGC Membership

– 150 euro + vat 24%.


Co working with amazing people and network!




Welcome to Digi & Game Center – Expa – Swag Shop!

DGC shop

Boom! 💥

Now the much asked Digi & Game Center and Peliosuuskunta Expa Swag products are available in our Shop. (+ Expa, IGDAJKL and other cool stuff)

Use the opening discount -15% SALE!

Welcome to Digi & Game Center – Expa – Swag Shop!

Find your Awesome Digi & Game Center ecosystem Fan Swag like T-shirts, Hoodies, Bags, Mugs, Caps etc here.. 

Here you will find cool products that can help You to support the development of the digital and gaming ecosystem in Central Finland.

These products can be used to represent the Digi & Game Center ecosystem of Jyväskylä and Central Finland. 💖


a person with dgc hoodie
a person with dgc hoodie

Why support Digi & Game Center?

Support us here (in Finnish): bit.ly/Save-DGC-Korona-Aid-Fin
Support us here (in English): bit.ly/Save-DGC-Korona-Aid-Eng

The Digi & Game Center (DGC) did what many in the digital and gaming industries are dreaming about. It brought together digital and gaming companies, part of game development education, the eSports training space called Game Pit, and the VR / AR / XR studio under one roof. DGC also provided office space for 16 companies at an affordable rent, which includes e.g., free use of meeting rooms. Also, Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences (JAMK) has leased the other half of the office space for a game development project called Demo Lab.

Check out what it looks like inside DGC in 360 view here!

There is no similar ecosystem in Finland, where the aim is to increase the turnover of all companies through cooperation. In addition to this, DGC brings visibility to gaming and digital companies both in Central Finland, nationally, and internationally. This may sound pompous, but this community has been in development for seven years, so we are to be proud of it. One of the long-term goals of the gaming cooperative Expa was to build just such a community and premises. This goal was officially achieved with the opening of the DGC on 1.1.2020. The DGC was announced last July during the Business Rally Week organized by the City of Jyväskylä during Neste Rally Finland. Within a week, 80% of the offices had been booked, and by the end of the year, 100% had been reached.

Now the coronavirus has had a significant impact on Digi & Game Center’s revenue streams. To cover DGC’s expenses, various partner packages are sold, and premises are leased to companies, communities, and multiple events. Needless to say, at the moment, all of the above sales are on ice. For this reason, the crowdfunding campaign has been organized for the DGC, which is one way to fund the DGC’s journey that has just begun.

The main entrance to Digi & Game Center

Where does the money from the Mesenaatti campaign go?

An excellent question with a simple answer: the money is used to cover the rental costs incurred by the DGC for the Game Business Co-operative Expa and other expenses such as accounting and salaries. Expa operates the DGC and is responsible for rents for the center’s shared facilities, which will accrue around € 15,000 over three months.

One of DGC’s companies, W1llou Agency, has also been employed in the campaign, and product rewards will be made in Finland. At the same time, we support Finnish companies as well as the buyers of the campaign.

Few of our amazing rewards!

For example, to achieve our minimum goal – € 15,000 – we need

300 buyers of Collect All! product package
120 #XmasJKL ticket buyers
10 buyers of the DGC Loves U visibility package
2 namings of the Stage reward buyers + 2 namings of the meeting rooms

After deducting the taxes and other expenses such as ordering the product rewards, DGC will have € 9,000 left. With this, we can cover about two months of rent.

For example, to achieve our maximum goal – € 50,000 – we need

1000 Collect All! buyers of the product package
34 buyers of the DGC Loves U visibility package
20 buyers of the Gamification and Game Industry lecture
10 buyers of the Collision of Worlds workshop

After deducting the taxes and other expenses such as ordering the product rewards, DGC will have approximately € 25,000 left. With this, we can cover about five months of rent, which already helps a lot.

So we are not talking about a large number of buyers, so the goals are very achievable! There are 25 days left in the campaign. It is shown that there is strength in cooperation, and the Digi & Game Center will be maintained here in Jyväskylä.

Support us here (in Finnish): bit.ly/Save-DGC-Korona-Aid-Fin
Support us here (in English): bit.ly/Save-DGC-Korona-Aid-Eng