23rd of April 2024 – Bit1 – PreBit at Jyväskylä coming with via Meetup, join now!


2024 Bit1 – PreBit at Jyväskylä coming!

The Expa Game Business Cooperative sets Jyväskylä in the nationwide Bit1 game development competition for students.


Come and present your own game!


We are organizing our own Prebit qualifying event, on Tuesday 23.4. At Digi & Game Center, with the monthly IGDA JKL Meetup event.


PreBit schedule at Jyväskylä


  • 16:00 Doors open at DGC
  • 16.30-16.40 Welcoming ceremony and judges’ introduction
  • 16.40-17 Pitches
  • 17.30-18 Judges game testing, free game testing for participants
  • 18-18.30 Judges retreat to discuss, free game testing for participants
  • 18.30-18.45 Judges announce winners, give the basics for the choices and photos
  • 19.00 – IGDA Finland Jyväskylä Meetup speakers
  • 20.00 – 20.15 Demo booth disassembling, Judges stay to discuss with participants proceeding to finals


*Please take note that our schedules are subject to changes, depending on the situation


The final will take place at the beginning of May in Espoo.

Invite the students of Jyväskylä to the prebit event:


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