OP Central Finland The Let’s Do Good Together donations gives help and opportunities for many – Digi & Game Center was selected to receive a significant donation

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The Digi & Game Center issued 10 000 euro


The 2021 The Let’s Do Good Together donation pot of EUR 25,000 was widely distributed to actors reaching different target groups. A total of 27 donation applications were received, of which six applicants received donations. The donations were decided by the bank’s board at its August meeting. The Let’s Do Good Together donation campaign is part of OP Central Finland’s responsibility work, which is guided by the bank’s own and OP Financial Group’s responsibility program. The Let’s Do Good Together donation received 27 applications from clubs, associations and other third sector entities operating in the bank’s area of operation. Eighty-five per cent of the applications came from the Jyväskylä region and 15 per cent from elsewhere. Five of the donors are from the Jyväskylä region and one from elsewhere. The need for help is still great and without volunteering, the activities of the associations would not work. The selection of recipients of donations has focused on diversity, different target groups and timeliness. The selection criteria have been activities in line with the bank’s values, i.e. closeness to people, responsibility and success together, regional and target group size effectiveness, and the widest possible consideration of different target and age groups.

Digi & Game Center is a Central Finnish brand founded in 1/2020, an ecosystem operated by Peliosuuskunta Expa. The aim of the activity is to create synergies between companies in the digital and gaming sectors and in other sectors and thus help to create cooperation projects, companies and jobs between companies and educational institutions. The donation supports e.g. space use costs and benefit young entrepreneurs, students, cultural operators and actors in various fields who need help, e.g. digitization or gaming technologies. The activities are international and the aim is also to engage international students and actors in Central Finland. The work is currently done on a voluntary basis. In 2020, the operations helped the creation of 12 companies.

With Peliosuuskunta Expa and Digi & Game Center, we are extremely taken and grateful for this accolade.


Additional information:
Pia Saikkonen, communications manager , pia.saikkonen@op.fi, p. 010 256 5610.
Tuomas Roininen, Vice Chairman, tuomas.roininen@expa.fi p. 050 38 00991

The Digitalisation Act of the year 2020 -award goes to Digi & Game Center


The Digitalisation Act of the year 2020 -award goes to Digi & Game Center


Central Finland’s Chamber of Commerce’s Digitalisation and New Business -committee grants The Digitalisation Act of the year -award annually. This year the award was given to Digi & Game Center which helped to give birth to 12 new businesses and helped companies in the region in the use of game technologies.

With the award Chamber of Commerce of Central Finland wants to highlight Central Finland’s companies that have successfully taken over digitalisation.


“Digitalisation has become part of just about every industry. Such actors and co-operation as Digi & Game Center are needed to bring the growth potential made possible by digitalization to the benefit of companies” says Ari Hiltunen, CEO of the Central Finland Chamber of Commerce.


The jury of committee members justified the choice on the grounds that the Digi & Game Center has successfully helped entrepreneurs in the area to take advantage of game technologies. It has been used in industry, the arts and culture, among other places.


“The operations of Digi & Game Center are worthwhile both in building a new kind of digitalisation center in the Jyväskylä region and in disseminating game technologies outside the game industry itself. Increasing the added value of digitalisation just needs such cross-pollination” says Anssi Kuoppala, Chairman of the Digitalisation and New Business Committee.


The goal of the Digi & Game Center is to create synergies between companies in the digital and gaming industries and other industries, and thus help to create co-operation projects, companies and jobs between companies and educational institutions. Last year, the Digi & Game Center helped creating 12 companies, 8 of which were born during COVID-19.


“We are grateful that we were nominated for the award and were elected. The honour belongs to everyone in our network. We would not exist if we did not have these companies, educational institutions and entrepreneurs involved in the network” says Tuomas Roininen, Chairman of the Peliosuuskunta Expa, Operator of Digi & Game Center.

The ecosystem has been built for nine years. There are now 16 digital and gaming companies involved. At the beginning of last year, more than 400 people attended the opening of the Digi & Game Center alone.

Digi & Game Center is a unique concept


Digi & Game Center is not a company but a Central Finnish brand and concept that is operated by Peliosuuskunta Expa together with others in the ecosystem. The Digi & Game Center co-operates with the city, educational institutes and different businesses like Fingersoft and Amazon.


According to Roininen many regions are reducing their activities related to game-related studies which Central Finland has now begun to increase. The Digi & Game Center’s ecosystems goal is to bring companies and partners together and to get them to know each other.


“We strive to be another living room where a company or cultural representative can come on a low threshold to find a solution that suits their needs. Our desire is to develop the digitalisation of Central Finnish companies and to be the operator who introduces new digital functions at a low threshold” Roininen describes.


Roininen says that sometimes it is difficult for people to understand what game technologies and gamifications really are.


“It doesn’t mean making a game. For example, simulations such as airplane simulators, 3D models, or visual worlds of movies have been implemented with modern gaming technologies. It is good to understand that the same technologies are used in traditional industries. Experts will not be found on the traditional side, but it will have to utilize the multi-experts in the gaming industry, who are currently trained by JAMK and JYU in Central Finland” Roininen elaborates.


The concept has also been quoted abroad. The aim is to export operations abroad in the future as a licensing concept.



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